Kim: "I'm a big guy! The whole world is looking up to me. I only need to press this little red button and I'll blow your minds away"

Trump: "Hehe, you forget that I also have a red button, baby face"

Kim: "Where's my cheese?"

Trump: "My button is bigger than yours"

Kim: "No, no, no! I don't believe you"

#redbuttonpressed #dumbdoomsday

 * Singleplayer destruction mode
 * Choose between Trump or Kim
 * Multiplayer rage mode on a single phone
 * Button-Mash
 * Dogde like Neo alias Mr. Anderson
 * Multiple different weapons
 * Compete with other Trumps and Kims all over the world
 * Collect more and more money - MORE
 * Really cool music and sounds


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Deleted 5 years ago

Hey Latawoo. Thank you for testing it. We just worked on several minigames which should be funny to play. It was not intended to catch a trend.